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Sea Transportation

Shipping is the best way to send heavy goods or in large quantities without time limit. But this method has its disadvantages and is slower than other methods. Also the dangers of the route and its inflexibility and the weather are very impressive. And the cost of fuel and port taxes. And it is very difficult to track goods. It should be noted that the cost of sea transportation is a cheaper method with price stability than other ways. In addition, with the increasing development of the shipping industry, unloading cargo is possible quickly. In maritime transport, it is possible to transport up to 500,000 tons of cargo easily. In maritime transport, there are various methods and different ships that are adopted for its suitable goods.

A variety of shipping methods

Cross Staffing sea transportation method: This method is used to transfer goods from one ship to another to continue the journey. This method is often adopted in small ports. Transship sea shipping method: This is the method of transporting goods to an interface port. When it is not possible to transport goods from the origin to the destination for any reason. First, the cargo is unloaded in the interface port and boarded another ship or plane, and finally it reaches its destination. Groupage sea transportation method: When the goods are not specially packaged, shipping companies can pack all the goods that have different manufacturers but go to the same destination and are of the same type as a consignment.Chartering shipping method: In many cases, cargo ships can pack goods of the same type but different manufacturers as a single cargo. When there is a lot of cargo, the whole ship is rented by a commercial company. Bulk sea transportation method: Goods that are transported and delivered to the destination without packaging.